Educational method was developed by Maria Montessori in the early 1900s based on scientific methodology, experimentation and observation.
Holistic approach
Non-traditional child-centred pedagogical system, that has proven itself over the past century and it is becoming more popular as the years go by
Personal education track
Promoting child-directed work that gives students agency to select their own tasks, develop their own capabilities, and progress at their own pace
Multi-age classrooms
Children are able to work through the curriculum at their own pace without being limited to one year of the curriculum only.
Multisensory learning experience
The child learns through the senses, while physically interacting with the environment.
Montessori materials
Materials designed to facilitate children’s confidence and deep, independent learning. Teachers are responsible for teaching each material to each child, in a particular order and in accordance to the child’s developmental phase.
Montessori curriculum is based on 5 Great Montessori lessons as an introduction to all topics. It shows students big picture and demonstrate how the science, art, history, language , geography are interrelated.
We offer Montessori Pre-primary (3-5 y.o.) and Montessori Primary (grades 1-3).

Admission for 2023-2024

The academic year begins in September and ends in June. Prospective students can apply now for any academic programmes we will be offering in the next academic year. Admission to the school depends on the student's application results and on the availability of places in a particular programme and grade.

Disclaimer: The Island Private School of Limassol Ltd. warrants that it has undertaken all necessary actions towards securing a license for the establishment of a Montessori pre-private under the Private Schools Law 147(I)/2019. In the unlikely event that the said certificate is not issued in time for the school year 2023-2024 all registration fees and/or any other fees shall be returned in full. The return of such fees shall be considered full and final satisfaction of any claim by any party in relation to the aforementioned and the legal guardian/s hereby hold harmless and indemnify the School against any claim howsoever arising in connection with the registration of the child/dren and the establishment of the School as set out herein above.