The Island Private School
The Island Private School is a polysystemic educational institution that follows holistic approach, offering a full-day learning environment for international students of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Starting from Pre-Primary, educational journey at our school supports students on their learning path, tailoring education to individual needs, aspirations and connecting it to real-life experiences and up-to-date practices.
Summer camp
at The Island School
From 5 to 15 y.o
School Concept
  • International English
    Speaking School
    English language curriculum with native and fluent English speakers
  • Polysystemic School
    Best practices of international education:
    International Baccalaureate, Waldorf and Montessori Programmes
  • Progressive education
    From academic knowledge (core 3Rs: Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic) to 21st Century skills (collaboration,
    creativity, communication, critical thinking, self-learning, entrepreneurship and curiosity).
  • Education hub
    After-school activities
    Sport and art clubs
    Afternoon care
  • Holistic approach
    An excellent breadth and depth of knowledge join with physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically developed children
  • Top-level teaching staff
    Teachers from leading schools from 35+ countries such as Letovo, the New School, European Gymnasium etc.
  • Aiming for TOP universities
    Interaction with top universities worldwide
  • Partnership with companies
    Project activities integrated into local and international companies in Cyprus, including IT
  • Smooth integration into adult life
    Our educational systems encourage children to become creative problem-solvers and lifelong independent thinkers ready for university study and international careers
  • Individual approach
    Every Client and Student is unique for us. With this concept we achieve success in problems of all levels
  • Project and skills-based learning concept
    Our educational systems support students to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to go and take meaningful action
  • Plans for growth
    We don’t stop at what we've achieved, constantly growing and becoming better. We are expecting 1600+ students from 2024
In 2023-2024 academic year we are offering 3 education tracks:

Our new campus, opened in September 2022, includes 3 areas: Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary School as well as outdoor sport courts, playgrounds, canteen, art studio, 2 music rooms and 2 libraries.

Drawing inspiration from renowned educational projects worldwide and working in collaboration with one of the leading British architectural bureaus, we are about to shape the future of our school. Among other features, our permanent campus will include 5 laboratories, 2 art studios, swimming pool, sports base for both indoor and outdoor activities.

By 2025, we aim to bring our vision to life and establish a vibrant educational environment for global citizens. This inclusive space will cater to the needs of our students, parents, teachers and international specialists, fostering mutual support and collaboration. Together, we will create an inspiring setting for learning, innovation, and personal development.