For primary years (6-10 years old) & teenagers (11-15 years old)
If you haven't had the chance to visit our school yet, now is the perfect opportunity to explore the campus and meet the team. Let's make this summer truly unforgettable!
Full-Day Summer Camp
9:00 - 18:00

In July 2024 our school’s unique vibe will transform into a captivating ambience of the camp, brimming with new friendships, exciting field trips across Cyprus, a great atmosphere and programs curated by experts in science, arts, sports, and education.
AUTHOR: Natalia Lapkina - researcher at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences

- Author of more than 45 scientific and creative programs for children and adolescents worldwide in the fields of art history, history, social anthropology, and ethnography

- Participant in international conferences on humanity studies and education in Tokyo (Japan), Turku (Finland), Los Angeles (USA), etc.

- Art expert for the "Just Dilijan It" project of the international School of the UWC Dilijan system

- Filmed documentaries for "National Geographic" in Tibet, Nepal, Buryatia, Java, New Guinea, etc.

Children have the opportunity to choose their own adventure from 4 thematic modules:
Each session promises discoveries and quality time with peers, introducing a new chapter of the theme and ensuring a fresh and unique program throughout the camp.

Whether engaging in sports competitions, exploring the wonders of science, or expressing creativity through art and drama, children will have a fantastic time while developing essential skills like teamwork, communication, project work, and decision-making. It's an interactive and fun learning experience… complemented by daily hot lunches from UpTown Square!

Hurry up, spots are limited

for each session:

1st session: 1.07 - 5.07

2nd session: 8.07 - 12.07

3rd session: 15.07 - 19.07

4th session: 22.07 - 26.07

5th session: 29.07 - 2.08

Summer Camp Fee
350 EUR per session
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