Our Mission, Vision and Values
We make a wholesome impact on the world by seeking to inspire a love of lifelong learning in every child and the whole community, enabling them to develop their unique capacities. We prepare our students to be confident, competent, capable and responsible global citizens, who understand, respect and celebrate diversity.
Our Vision (by June 2024)
We are a leading progressive organisation, changing the educational paradigm: a community of 1000 thriving and flourishing students, committed families, and inspired team members, connected to a variety of local and global networks, proud to be part of The Island School.
Our Values
We respect each other's values, property, work. We respect different cultures, religions. We act respectfully to the environment.
Love is the foundation of everything. We love and nurture people. Compassion and kindness come out of love. We love our school, our place, we feel connected to it. We put love into what we do.
We embrace a positive mindset and joy. We bring playfulness and fun to our work. We tackle and embrace challenges in a positive way. We celebrate our own and each others’ achievements.
We encourage participation and teamwork. We collaborate as a school team, parents and students. We learn with, and from each other.
We are true to ourselves. We value honesty and strong moral principles. We are transparent in what we do.
Lifelong learning
We promote curiosity, eager to learn new things throughout our whole lives. We model lifelong learning through continuous personal and professional development. We reflect upon our experiences in order to improve.
We act with the sense of ownership - it is our school, we feel at home. We take responsibility for our actions or inaction and the impact they have on ourselves and others.
We behave in a way that promotes physical and psychological safety. Everyone’s health and wellbeing is a priority at our school. Our school is a safe place where everyone is encouraged to take reasonable risks and embrace challenges along the learning path.