For primary years (6-10 years old) & teenagers (11-15 years old)
Session 1: April 29th - May 4th (4 days)

Time: 09:00-18:00
Sporting Time Machine
Back to the Future & Forward to the Past!

Our team of experts, comprising scientists and athletes,
has crafted an exciting adventure through the fascinating evolution of popular sports, spanning from the old to the modern days. The programme goes beyond just playing games; it's a dive into the rich historical context, unlocking a wealth of knowledge and fun.

Author: Natalia Lapkina

Researcher at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Author of more than 45 scientific and creative programs for children and adolescents worldwide in the fields of art history, history, social anthropology, and ethnography.

Participant in international conferences on humanity studies and education in Tokyo (Japan), Turku (Finland), Los Angeles (USA), etc.Art expert for the "Just Dilijan It" project of the international School of the UWC Dilijan system

Filmed documentaries for "National Geographic" in Tibet, Nepal, Buryatia, Java, New Guinea, etc.

Program Highlights:

Explore a range of sports from the 19th century to modern times.

Engage in traditional favourites as well as lesser-known games like Gaelic football and netball, oztag, and Newcomb ball.

Foster linguistic development, and nurture creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills through the integration of drama and the English language.

Participate in creative activities and thematic discussions.

Daily Schedule:

Morning team-building and day-planning sessions.

Themed drama-language workshop activities.

Sports games with historical contexts.

Guided socializing and community-building opportunities throughout the day.

Evening social events and reflections.

Camp Details:

Different groups for primary years (6-10 years old) and teenagers (11-15 years old).

Limited to small groups of 10 students each.

Sports games with historical backgrounds.

4-day workshop to enhance language acquisition and
communication skills.

Hot lunch provided and included in the price.

Don’t stay at home this school break

Expand your athletic horizons and join this unique journey through history, sports, language, and culture!

Spring Camp Fee
280 EUR
Hot lunch included.
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