Brining School Values to Life
During the week of February 6-10 the Island students were introduced to our school values and encouraged to incorporate them into daily school life through various activities.
Last week, our school organised and celebrated the ‘Community Week’ focusing on our core school values of Collaboration, Integrity, Respect, Safety, Love, Positivity, Responsibility, and Lifelong learning.

The purpose of the week was to highlight the importance of our school community and work together on how to promote and implement our core values in our everyday lives.
Among the activities which took place, Spitali village council hall had welcomed and hosted our students along with a number of esteemed delegates from various organisations in Cyprus such as Palodia Community, Spitali Community, Cyprus Autistic Association, Musiki Polychromia and City Friends Club.
Our guests participated in round table discussions with our students focusing on those core values.

Further, our students brainstormed their ideas on how to promote the core values within the school community. The student council is going to formulate a school action plan and present it to the school community.