The Importance of Beeswax crayons, pencils and pencil rolls in a Waldorf classroom
By Taniia Strauss, Pedagogical Director Waldorf Program
In Waldorf schools all the materials that the children and teachers work with are chosen with great care. We value the authenticity, inspiration, simplicity and beauty that natural materials provide. These natural elements create a special atmosphere that not only encourages learning, but nurtures the child's natural love for learning.
Handmade pencil rolls are one of those precious companions that children use every day.
Firstly, in each pocket, the Waldorf beeswax crayons, sticks and blocks are kept safe. While leaving colourful traces on the paper children are activating their sense of touch and smell. The crayons feel smooth and warm in the hand of the child and they have a faint smell of beeswax.
From class 2 or 3, pencil rolls begin to host pencils, whose pigment is so vibrant and the movement across the page is so smooth, that using them is a wonderful experience. It is almost impossible not to create truly beautiful main lessons and notebooks.
Such beautifying tools should be kept with respect and care, in these carefully made pencil rolls.
Handing out a set of crayons or pencils in carefully crafted pencil rolls also inspires children to do their best work. This is also an ideal opportunity to cultivate true respect and care for the special materials that we use.
When it’s time to work, the child gets out his or her set of crayons, unrolls it and lays it open along the top of the desk. All the crayons are together, kept in rainbow order, and they don’t take up too much room on the desk.
If the pouch falls on the floor while open the crayons remain neatly tucked inside and there isn’t the enormous disrupting clatter that occurs when a tin of crayons falls to the floor. And of course, stored in pencil rolls, crayons and pencils have a long life that extends beyond one school year. One’s pencil rolls should last forever. The unique design is something that Waldorf children cherish from their daily life at school and for the rest of their lives.
Tips for keeping pencil rolls tidy

How to clean beeswax crayons…All you need is some coconut oil and a rag. Just cover the crayon in a generous amount of coconut oil and firmly rub off all of the extra pigment. This process does take a while, so be patient and keep at it!

Magical pollen:
When you sharpen your pencils the pencil “pollen” can be stored and used to make notebook pages even more beautiful. Just spread it all over the white paper and use your fingertips to make the paper colourful!