The Island Charitable Foundation
We provide opportunities for bright and motivated children to receive a world-class education and to develop their intellectual and creative potential, we established The Island Charitable Foundation to support families who need financial assistance to pay tuition fees and other activities related to progressive education.

The fund has already received an initial commitment of 150,000 euros from the parents of the school and is aiming to raise over 1 million euros from parent donors and external sponsors.
Scholarships up to 100% of the annual tuition fee.
Priority is given to students based on the following criteria:
A. Financial needs
B. Talent and Motivation
C. Good fit for class composition (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills)
D. English language ability
Application process
  1. Please fill the application form below. We kindly ask you to provide additional documents supporting the application (one or more from the list) :
  • Tax declaration
  • Statements from bank accounts
  • Description of assets and liabilities
  • Other supporting documents (statement from employer, doctor etc.)

2.Committee Secretary verifies documents and compiles applications summary

3.Committee meets to award scholarships. Committee consisting of representatives:

  • School Administration
  • Teachers
  • Parents Council
  • Donors/sponsors

4.Parents are informed about the Committee's decision

2023 schedule

If your family needs financial assistance, please note the following process and key dates below:

  • May 21st is the deadline for the applications to seek financial assistance from the Island Charitable Foundation;
  • July 1st the applications will be reviewed and stipends will be awarded.

Note that we will provide the scholarship only for students grades 5-10 in the 2023-2024 academic year (age 10 and above).

Application form academic year 2023/2024
Note that we will provide the scholarship only for students grades 5-10 in the 2023-2024 academic year (age 10 and above)
Additional documents
Please upload your documents here
Please outline why you have selected for your child specific programm, and explain how this relates to his/her previous academic or personal experience, talents and vision on the future.
By clicking the button, you are accepting to provide your personal data to the Committee of the Fund according to GDPR.
Support the fund
Our community would truly appreciate your donation to our Endowment Fund. The funds will be used to pay tuition fees for students in need and provide material and technical assistance to School Facilities, and the Cultural and Progressive education center. With respect to our community’s value of transparency, our annual fundraising goals and results will be shared every year.