1st trimester at the snapshot
The 1st trimester in the Island Private School came to an end! We can’t believe it!
Just a quick overview of the trimester in numbers.

Look back and amaze with us!
300+ lunches have been served to our students daily
The Uptown Square's Team did amazing job feeding our students every day of the 1st trimester!

100 kg of olives were picked up by our students and 40 litres of olive oil were made from it
All oil was sold out during the first Winter Fair!

20 field trips were organised for our students

Thanks to our Teachers, Administrative team and Costas Pirlantis Ltd.'s bus drivers who made it possible!

7 coffee meetings with parents were held
Coffe meetings are becoming our school tradition. We always open for our parents feedback and honest conversations.
5 school newsletters were issued
Another school tradition - fortnight school newsletters - is shaping to keep our parents informed and provide them insights about school life.

3 Waldorf ceremonies for parents and children were run by our Waldorf team
Waldorf section of the Island School has very special ceremonies and festivals run every year for students and parents.
2 students newspapers were issued
The Island students have started to issue The Islander - school students newspaper. All articles are availbale in 3 languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian.

2 school opening ceremonies were held for our parents and for Cyprus officials and our partners
We are sure it's just the beginning. More celebrations are ahead of us. Stay tuned! 

More to come in the 2nd trimester!