International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary School
Assessment Booking
Here you can book a place for your child's IB assessment at our school. After completing the booking process, you will automatically receive an email confirmation.

Below is a table providing grades, corresponding ages, and the list of tests for your reference.

The table displays grades and ages in accordance with the Ministry of Education requirements.

Grade 1:
Meeting (interview) with a school representative (~15 min.)

Grade 4:
Part 1: English test (1hours) + Aptitude CAT4 test (~1 hour 20 minutes).
Part 2: Meeting (interview) with a school representative (~15 min.)
We kindly ask you to book 2 time slots for the assessment within the same week.

Please note, participation in the assessments does not guarantee enrolment as the process is competitive.
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