Information for Parents

academic Year 2023–2024

Useful Materials

Check our e-brochure to read more information about how The Island Private School operates

academic Year 2023–2024

School calendars

Check our school calendar for holildays and school breaks or events.

academic Year 2023–2024

School BUS services

Bus service is provided by Costas Pirlantis Ltd. ("Transportation Company"). Please note that the transport company does not provide door-to-door service. Each student will be assigned to a certain pick-up/drop-off point within a 10-15 minutes walk from the location you have provided. The indicated pick up/drop off time may vary depending on the traffic conditions.

  • Morning bus (starting at 6:50 from Limassol)
  • Afternoon bus (starting at 15:30 from School)
  • Evening bus (starting at 18:00 from School)

  • Phones, tablets, and other devices are not allowed to be used on the school buses.
  • Parents are not allowed on the buses. Buses are escorted by a supervising adult.


Parents can check the arrival time to their bus stop using the special bus tracking application BusWhere geotracking.

  • Bus service is term based:
academic Year 2023–2024


Good food during the school day is essential to provide enough energy for young students.

In our school we have different meal options available for students offering greater flexibility in the primary and secondary school.

Canteen Provider – The Uptown Square (UTS)

Please explore The Meals guide that provides all the necessary information about the meal options available at our school. Or have a look at the short summary here:

academic Year 2024–2025

School fees

  • Tuition fees can be paid either on an annual or term basis. There are three financial terms in the year, the annual fee is split into three equal amounts.

  • The registration fee (250 Euro) is payable each year (not refundable).
  • The deposit amount (1500 Euro).
  • The admission fee (100 Euro) is payable for each child (not refundable).
  • If the fees are not paid by the beginning of the financial term, the School can suspend the student’s attendance in the classes until the fees are paid in full.
  • Click below to get the full price list & payment details.

School Policies