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Complete application form online.
Get confirmation from the admission team
You will receive an email from the school within 3 working days outlining the next steps. The email will also provide information on the places' availability in the specific grade.
Fill in the application form online and submit it
In case of open places in the particular grade, we will send you an application form together with the link to book an appointment for the online interview.
Interview with a teacher
Before the interview, please make sure you have shared the completed application form with us. The scheduled interview is conducted online and usually takes about 30 minutes. We kindly request the presence of the child together with all responsible adults (parents/guardians).
Recieve confirmation of enrolment
After the interview, we will send you the email with the final admission decision.
Pay registration fee and deposit 
If enrolment is confirmed, you will recieve an invoice for the registration fee and deposit to be paid within 2 weeks to secure a place for your child for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Disclaimer: The Island Private School of Limassol Ltd. warrants that it has undertaken all necessary actions towards securing a license for the establishment of a Montessori pre-private under the Private Schools Law 147(I)/2019. In the unlikely event that the said certificate is not issued in time for the school year 2023-2024 all registration fees and/or any other fees shall be returned in full. The return of such fees shall be considered full and final satisfaction of any claim by any party in relation to the aforementioned and the legal guardian/s hereby hold harmless and indemnify the School against any claim howsoever arising in connection with the registration of the child/dren and the establishment of the School as set out herein above.