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academic Year 2023 – 2024

School calendar

Check our school calendar for holildays and school breaks or events.

academic Year 2023–2024


Check your child's timetable, subjects, teachers names and emails.


Please find the information for each class/grade in a separate tabs below:

Homeroom Teacher: Foteini Koronidou -


Please find the information for each class/grade in a separate tabs below:

Homeroom Teacher: Selene Grajeda-Lourenço -

Co-Teacher/Greek Language: Marilena Theofanous -

EAL: Ekaterina Mityeva -

EAL: Fatima Loshchits -

EAL: Anita Michail -

EAL: Yulia Egorycheva -

Greek: Christiana Pitta -

Greek: Maria Michael -

Greek: Eleni Perikleous -

Greek: Myrofora Omniou -

Music: Giorgos Nikolaou -
PE: Andreas Spyrou -
PE: Daria Evdokimova -
Drama: Vasia Antoniou -
Visual Art: Christianna Orros -


Please find the information for each class/grade in a separate tabs below:

Well-being Mentor: Anatoly Bragin -

Mathematics: Yuna Kalashnikova -

Physics: Alexei Korolev

Science: Anatoly Bragin -

History: Tagir Zainullin -

Geography: Anatoly Bragin -

ICT: Mark Venton -

History of Cyprus: Antrea Stavrou Tepanosyan -

Design: Anton Retunskikh

Project time: Daria Savina dsavina@isl.c

English: Lare Catsellis - / Joachim van Gelder - / Alexei Kuklin -

Russian: Mila Sochneva - / Tatiana Komova -
Greek: Antrea Stavrou Tepanosyan -

Ukranian: Lillia Hinton Mykhailova -

Spanish: Romeo Lourenço -

Music: Konstantin Labin -

Art: Alexandra Adamidou -

Drama: Vasia Anastasiou -

Library Hour: Elizabeth Winship -

PE: Philipp Lendyel -


Please find the information for each class/grade in a separate tabs below:

Class Teacher: Catalina Telcean
Co-Teacher: Julia Brendle


Please find the information for Pre-Primary / Primary groups in a separate tabs below:

Class Teacher: Grainne Barry -

academic Year 2023–2024

Educational Programmes

academic Year 2023–2024

Extracurricular Programme

To know more about the Extracurricular Programme please check the timetable HERE

  • We kindly request that parents subscribe to the Extracurricular Program if their child stays with us until 18:00. This subscription confirms your child's presence with us until 18:00, ensuring they are in safe hands and well taken care of by a dedicated teacher between 15:15 and 18:00.
  • If your child leaves right after 15:15, there is no need to subscribe.
  • You are welcome to pick up your child before 18:00, we request that you avoid doing so during club activities.
  • Parents can choose from a variety of clubs we offer.
  • Should your children decide not to join any clubs, they will still be engaged in the second part of the day with pre-defined activities such as..., which will be led by certified teachers and aligned with the chosen curriculum (IB, Waldorf, or Montessori).
  • For Waldorf students choosing the half-day option, they can participate in extra-fee clubs, provided they are brought to school just before the club starts and picked up immediately after it ends. To attend free-of-charge clubs, Waldorf students should be subscribed to the Extracurricular Program.
Registration for the extracurricular programme is now closed. You can visit SchoolsBuddy anytime to check if some activities are available to join and join them if needed. Your child will be added to the list automatically. If you'd like to stop attending any club, please email our coordinator at

academic Year 2023–2024

School BUS services

  • Bus service is provided by Costas Pirlantis Ltd. ("Transportation Company");
  • Bus service covers areas of Limassol;
  • Service is available for all age groups;
  • Bus service is term based;
  • Invoices will be sent out to the parents after subscription;
  • Currently we have 4 buses following 4 different routes with several pick up/drop off points on the way;
  • Each child can be assigned to a certain pick up/drop off point within 10-15 minutes walk from the bus stop. The indicated pick up/drop off time may vary depending on the traffic conditions.
  • Morning pick up starts at 6.50 a.m. Scheduled pick up time for your home address will be communicated by Transportation Company beforehand (subject to bus route planning);
  • Afternoon bus (starting at 15:30 from School) Evening bus (starting at 18:00 from School)
  • Scheduled drop off time at your home address will depend on the route planning and traffic conditions;
  • Depending on the subscription type, your child can use only the bus defined by the subscription conditions. For example, if you’re subscribed for the morning+afternoon service, your child can’t switch to the evening bus during the week.
  • In the morning please make sure that your child has used the toilet before getting on the bus. Please don’t be late, the bus will not be able to wait. Ideally if you come to the pick up point at least 5 minutes before the indicated time.
  • In the evening/afternoon the bus stops for drop off only. We can’t leave your child unattended on the street. Therefore please ensure you are at the bust stop at least 5 minutes before the indicated drop off time.
To start using the bus service, please follow these simple steps:

● Find terms and conditions here: TERMS AND CONDITIONS
● Find the bus route & the bus stop that meets your needs here: BUS ROUTES
● Fill in the Google Form: REQUEST FORM

Please note, if you cancel your subscription during the term, the bus fee paid will not be refunded.

Bus service fee
You can find all the bus stops HERE
Bus subscription can be initiated, changed or cancelled any time via the form here.
Request submitted by the end of Wednesday will be reviewed and implemented from Monday of the upcoming week. All changes submitted on Thursdays and Fridays will be reviewed and implemented from Monday in a week and a half.
academic Year 2023–2024

Parking guide

Drop off/Pick up

Download the guide here

academic Year 2023–2024


Good food during the school day is essential to provide enough energy for young students.

In our school we have different meal options available for students offering greater flexibility in the primary and secondary school.

The Meals guide contains all information you need to know about available meal options in our school.

Please check the daily lunch menu HERE.

Canteen Provider – The Uptown Square (UTS)

academic Year 2022–2023

School Policies

academic Year 2022–2023

Seminars for parents