Form Tutors
Being a great form teacher is so much more than turning up every morning to take a register. Our tutors prove it every school day.
Form tutors play an essential role in schools, providing students with a consistent point of contact for support and guidance. They are often the first port of call for students when they have a problem or need help with something, allowing them to develop strong relationships with individual students and build trust. Form tutors also have an important role in monitoring student performance, providing additional assistance where needed, and helping to ensure that students are making good progress. In this way, form tutors are an essential part of the school's support framework, helping to ensure that all students reach their full potential.
Irina Chauzova, Grade 9 Form Tutor & MYP Learning Support Tutor
I'm originally from Russia. I have a Degree in Education (Biology teacher) and in Medicine (Obstetrics & Gynaecology). Also I was additionally trained as a School Counselling (tutoring).
Before The Island school I worked in Russia as an obstetrician, teacher, school and career counsellor, market researcher and stylist.
My most memorable moment as a teacher is my work in the Summer Student Camp when children tried themselves in occupations they liked, reflected their experience and made a choice about their further education. I remember this period because it was important for children to face real challenges of their desired professional occupations. That Camp was inspiring for them!
I believe teaching is more than just sharing knowledge. It's about development and bringing up the next generations. Their and our lives, our planet, all of humanity in the future depends on how we teach children today.
As a Tutor I'm supporting students in their individual educational tracks. Our lives are like the rivers on which we swim. As a tutor and an adult, I made my boat to sail and I know where I want to go. Students may not have their own boats yet. My purpose is to help them in choosing their own direction, defining their own path, and even in building their own boat to sail without my support.

In my free time I like being with my son, meeting friends, taking care of myself and studying Russian traditions (clothes, embroidery, patterns, etc.).
Chas Zachar, Grade 7 & 8 Form Tutor, Science Teacher
I'm originally from Tampa, Florida, USA! But I've moved around quite a bit. I have Bachelors in Science Education, Master degrees in English and Waldorf Education and Teach for America (TFA) fellowship.

Before The Island School I worked in Hawaii, France, and Germany as a teacher, television assistant, and tax man! My most memorable moment as a teacher is taking Hawaiian students on a trip to mainland USA where most of them saw snow for the first time ever!

I believe teaching is one the most important jobs for the future of our planet. As a Tutor I'm taking a genuine interest in student's well-being and creating a safe space to learn and grow!
In my free time I like travelling and being in all types of nature.