School upcoming events
Check the school events calendar for February - March.
Invitations and details for the upcoming events are provided via email to the respective parents groups.
Tuesday, February 14
St.Valentine's Day: IB Students Counсil sells cookies and Valentine’s postcards at school.
Thursday, February 16

Tsiknopemti day. We will serve a Tsiknopemti menu for lunch in the canteen for Primary and Middle school students.
Waldorf and IB children are welcome to wear costumes to celebrate the Cyprus carnival weeks.
Wednesday, February 22
11:00 - 12:00
Online seminar for parents of the IB Pre-Primary and Primary studnets: Concept-based mathematics.
Zoom link to join.
Friday, February 24
Waldorf Chidren Festival.
Monday, February 27
Green Monday, public holiday. Don’t miss a chance to fly a kite on this day. No school.
February 28 - March 3
Mid-term break. No school.