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The Island Private School is a polysystemic educational hub that offers 3 programmes (International Baccalaureate, Waldorf & Montessori) under one roof. We follow holistic approach, offering a full-day learning environment (08:00-18:00) for international students of diverse cultural backgrounds.
Starting from Pre-Primary, educational journey at our school supports students on their learning path, tailoring education to individual needs, aspirations and connecting it to real-life experiences and up-to-date practices.
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Summer camp
at The Island School
From 5 to 15 y.o
Our Approach
Holistic development
The breadth and depth of academic knowledge are combined with the physical, intellectual, emotional, and ethical development of children
Inspiring learners
Our educational system challenges, encourages and inspires children to become creative problem-solvers and lifelong independent thinkers ready for university study and international careers
Top university recognition
IB Diploma is recognised by top universities in the world: MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, Yale Universities, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Imperial College London, and many others
IB curriculum is recognized globally, students can transfer seamlessly between IB schools in different countries. IB programme also focuses on developing skills and knowledge that are applicable across different cultural contexts.
Pastoral care
Collaboration of teachers, tutors and psychologists to ensure safe and supportive environment for students, their overall welfare and personal development - academically, physically and emotionally.
Soft skills development
Our approach extends beyond academic knowledge, encompassing essential interpersonal skills such as effective communication, social aptitude, character development, and emotional intelligence.
Current Campus
The campus, opened in September 2022, includes 3 areas: Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary School as well as outdoor sport courts, playgrounds, canteen, 2 art studios, 2 music rooms and 2 libraries.
Future Campus
Drawing inspiration from renowned educational projects worldwide and working in collaboration with one of the leading architectural bureaus, we are about to shape the future of our school. Among other features, the permanent campus will include 5 laboratories, 2 art studios, swimming pool, sports base for both indoor and outdoor activities and much more.
By 2026, we aim to bring our vision to life and establish a vibrant educational environment for global citizens. This inclusive space will cater to the needs of our students, parents, teachers and international specialists, fostering mutual support and collaboration.

Together, we will create an inspiring setting for learning, innovation, and personal development.
School's daily life
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